“Entrepreneurs of Globalization”

Work, Mobility and Wellbeing in Global Organisations

This innovative British Academy funded project charts contemporary processes of social change through detailed analysis of the practices and values of global professionals and organisations.

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Research Design

By comparing the experiences of workers in different organisations, cities and countries, this research will provide a fascinating insight into emergent patterns of globalization and work.

My research will address these themes ­ using an online survey, interviews and fieldwork in MNCs and NGOs ­ with a focus on the following research questions:

  • What personal and professional qualities do international employees in different sectors require?
  • What makes a good international workplace and what enhances worker wellbeing and job satisfaction?
  • How do these workers deal with the disruption, potentially caused by migration, and establish lives and homes “away from home”?


Dr Ranji Devadason
School of Science, Society
and Management

Bath Spa University,
Newton Park Campus,
Newton St. Loe,
Bath, BA2 9BN.


Dr Ranji Devadason is a senior lecturer in Sociology at the School of Science, Society and Management, Bath Spa University. Prior to commencing at Bath/ Spa, she held a British Academy postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Bristol, for which she analysed the work identities and wellbeing of transnational professionals in global organisations and cities. Fieldwork for this project was conducted in London, Geneva, Dubai and Bangalore.

Ranji was based in Sociology at the University of Bristol from 2000-2011. For her PhD, Living to work or working to live, she carried out a cross-national study of young adult working lives in two European cities, Bristol and Gothenburg (2002-2005). More recently, as research associate for the European Commission funded project 'Multicultural Democracy and Social Capital in Europe' (2007-2008), she conducted comparative analysis of ethnic minority and majority Londoners’ social capital and participation in public life in London in comparison (and collaboration) with 5 European-partner city projects.

My research centres on the sociology of work, globalization, social divisions and cities